How do you find a place to stay in the Netherlands? Good question. There are some different options. Below, we will tell you about some of these possibilities.

Renting a property

As an expat, it’s possible to rent a property in the social sector or in the private sector.

In the social sector

In the Netherlands, we have the biggest public housing sector of Europe. A place in the social sector is mostly aimed at lower income groups. Because of a waiting list of 5 till 10 years and the strict criteria, social housing is not the most perfect option for the most foreigners. Which strict criteria? For example, you need to have a housing permit, you need to be in the municipality where you are looking for housing and also, you have to register with WoningNet (Dutch).

In the private sector

Probably it’s easier (and more expensive) for expats to find quickly a place in the private sector. In most cases you need a residence permit. If you rent a property with a rental price of up to 710.68 euros you also will require a housing permit while your income may not exceed 43.000 euros per year.

Buying a property

If you are new in the area or planning to stay less than five years in the Netherlands, it is recommended to rent a property. If you are planning to stay for a longer period you can take a look in Expatica’s guide to buying a home in the Netherlands.


Airbnb is a website/ app for people all over the world to find, list and rent lodging. Also in the Netherlands, Airbnb is becoming more and more popular. In only Amsterdam, there are more than 6000 properties available via Airbnb. And all kind of places are possible. Like what? It is possible to sleep on a couch, in a single room, a whole apartment, a houseboat or even in a penthouse. The host can decide how much to charge per night, week or month.